For technical specs on any product other than the Original AtticFoil® Radiant Barrier Foil (heavyweight perforated aluminum product), see the links below this chart.

Original AtticFoil® Radiant Barrier Foil (heavyweight perforated aluminum product)

Product double-sided (single sided foil radiant barrier also available), reflecting, 99% pure aluminum foil with inner woven polyethylene scrim
Weight 28.6lb per 1,000 square foot roll +/- 2%
Tensile Strength test method ASTM D-828
Machine Direction 83.7lb/in width
Cross Direction 70.1lb/in width
Flame Spread 10 ASTM E84
Fire Rating class A/ class 1 ASTM E84
Smoke Development 10 ASTM E84
Water Vapor Permeability  72g/m 2/24hr; 14 perms ASTM E96
Temperature Range -76°F to 212°F ASTM C411
Thermal Properties emissivity 0.03 (reflects 97% of infrared heat) ASTM E408
Delamination All AtticFoil® radiant barrier products are manufactured using heat roller welding, not adhesives; the product layers are actually fused together so delamination is NEVER an issue with our products.


Click on product name to download spec sheet:  

Original Perforated AtticFoil® (double-sided)            AtticFoil® Perforated House Wrap (single-sided)

AtticFoil® Solid - Vapor Barrier (double-sided)          New AtticFoil® Single-Sided with White Vinyl (perforated)

Product Weight

If you are shopping for foil, you might notice that vendors call the product many different names. For example, one vendor labels their 13lb product as premium.  Here is a little secret: the aluminum products all have the same 99% pure aluminium foil on either side.

The main difference is the inner layer between the aluminum, the scrim. The heavier the scrim, the stronger the foil; don't be fooled by the name, go by the weight of the product. The weight reveals how strong the product is and for an application that will require pulling, tugging, stapling, cutting, etc. you don't want to bother messing with a lightweight product; the only thing it will offer you is a headache.

We only sell the heavyweight foil insulation. 

weight thickness

heavyweight (AtticFoil® brand)

28-29lb per 1,000 sq ft roll  5 mils (0.005 inches)

standard foil (competition) 

14-16lb per 1,000 sq ft roll

1.3-1.5 mils (0.001 inches)

Original AtticFoil® Perforated Radiant Barrier


  • Heavyweight Aluminum
  • Class A/Class 1 fire rated
  • 28.6lb per 1,000 square foot roll
  • Widths available: 26" wide, 48" wide and 60" wide
  • 5 mils thick (this is about the thickness of a business card)
  • Double-Sided & Single Sided available
  • Perforated (tiny pin holes in the foil to allow moisture vapor to pass through)
  • Both sides are the same on double-sided product; there is no top or bottom
  • Pick-up is available in Grand Prairie, Texas only

How Strong is this Radiant Barrier Foil?

The photo to the right was a little experiment set up just to show how strong the foil is.

foil strength test with dumbell hanging

 In the experiment, the foil is stapled on the 2x4 board with just three staples.

Then, a 25lb dumbbell was hung with a coat hanger through the middle of the foil. The staples held the dumbbell and the hole with the coat hanger barely stretched.

What does this mean? It means that even though our product can easily be cut with a knife, once it is in place it will not tear, rip or sag.  You can staple one end, pull the foil across a section, staple the other end, and then fill in the install with just a few more staples. This equates to a faster, virtually hassle-free installation. This product will never sag or fall down due to age and/or windy conditions, this product is made to last.

What is Radiant Barrier Reflective Insulation?

Radiant barrier insulation is a reflective insulation system that offers a permanent way to reduce energy costs. Radiant barrier insulation reflects radiant heat energy instead of trying to absorb it. A pure aluminum radiant barrier will reflect over 97% of the radiant heat entering your attic and then your living area.

Radiant barrier on its own has no R-Value, but since it acts like shade, it makes existing insulation more effective.Your house is basically a box sitting in the sun. Radiant barrier acts like shade and actually reflects the heat from the sun away. The air outside is still hot and that won't change; what can change is reducing the amount of heat gain into the house. Remember, air conditioning is really just the removal of heat from inside the home. It makes sense that if we can reduce the amount of heat coming in, then we will spend less on energy to get the heat out (this is simply energy savings).

This is not kitchen foil; kitchen foil is thin and will tear very easily if applied in an attic and some kitchen foil is not pure aluminum, AtticFoil® is 99.5% pure aluminum.  This is the best radiant barrier you can buy. 

Installation Tips, Tricks & Techniques

Visit our page on the various installation methods for radiant barrier to see photos, videos and more.

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