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At we are always trying to provide the absolute BEST information about radiant barrier insulation. Whether you are a Do-It-Yourself homeowner or a professional installer, we promise to provide truthful information without overselling the benefits of installing a radiant barrier. We want to help make your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

AtticFoil® Radiant Barrier MEGA Installation Video - Part 1 of 3

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Mega Installation Video - Part 2 of 3 

Mega Installation Video - Part 3 of 3 

In the second video of the 3 part series, Ed covers supplies, air gaps/ventilation and tips and tricks for installing AtticFoil radiant barrier foil.

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In the final installment of the 3 part complete installation video series, Ed discusses obstacles, hips and valleys and ventilation basics to maximize your radiant barrier installation.

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Staple Up Radiant Barrier Installation - How to Install Over Insulation Radiant Barrier Installation - How to Install

How to install AtticFoil Radiant Barrier foil insulation via the Open-Ridge (or staple-up) method. This method is usually the best installation method for warm or hot climates, or attic spaces where the floor is occupied by storage or the A/C unit is housed in the attic.

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The benefits of combining radiant barrier attic foil with attic insulation to create a green energy barrier in your attic. This is a great way to retain heat inside the home during winter months, and it prevents heat gain from the attic in the summer months.  A great installation method if you don't have anything in the attic and you are looking for results year round!

Metal & Tile Roofs Radiant Barrier Installation - How to Install

Cathedral & Vaulted Ceilings Radiant Barrier Installation -How to Install

Installing AtticFoil radiant barrier foil under a metal roof. Adding a radiant barrier to certain roofing systems (such as metal roofs and tile roofs) can drastically improve the comfort of the home. This is a great system for any roofing assembly that has a built in air space.

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How to get a radiant barrier into a cathedral ceiling if you are building a bonus room or finishing out an attic space. These types of rooms are notoriously hotter in the summer and colder in the winter months.  Do this before the sheetrock is up, or it can also be done from the roof side if a new roof (and deck) are being put on the home.

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Garage Door Radiant Barrier Installation - How to Install

Truss Attics Easy Installation - Using 26" Wide AtticFoil

If a garage door is catching direct sunlight, you need a radiant barrier to block thr heat from entering the garage & heating it up. This video demonstrates a simple no-mess way to install radiant barrier on garage dor panels for a more comfortable garage year round.

Truss attics can be very tricky to install foil because of the obstacles the trusses create. Not anymore! With this specially sized roll, you can avoid hving to cut around each truss by installing the 26" wide foil vertically along the rafters. Installation is easy, fast and waste is limited.

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