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The Attic Tent solves one of the most common problems in most homes: uninsulated and leaky attic ladder stairs.

Your attic door provides two ways for your home to loose valuable energy. First, it's basically a hole in the ceiling allowing air to pass through. Newer homes require the attic door to be sealed, but on older homes the attic staircase usually allows air to easily pass through. This is no different than leaving a window partially open. Secondly, most attic stairs are not insulated. This provides a channel for heat to easily pass through; also known as thermal bypass. It is essentially a gaping hole in your attic floor insulation.

The Attic Tent is only intended to be use on staircases within the air conditioned living space (not needed for garages). The Attic Tent is easy to install in about 10-15 minutes; anybody can install one. Installation is simple: staple the skirt around the stair case  and then caulk to seal the skirt to the wood frame.  For more instructions, see our page on Installing an Attic Tent on your attic stairs.

Orders placed Monday - Friday (excluding holidays) by 4pm CST will ship the same day.

The Attic Tent

  Attic Tent - Model AT2 - 25" x 54" x 7" $138.95


Attic Tent - Model AT2 - 25" x 54" x 7" - Qty 5



Attic Tent - Model AT4 - 25" x 54" x 13"

  More Info & Installation Instructions HERE.    
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