A common question we get is "How can I put a radiant barrier in an exterior wall?"

This is usually done when someone is remodeling an older home and has the wall cavity open. Typically they have removed the sheetrock and insulation and have only the wall studs and the exterior sheathing visible. For new construction, look at our Radiant Barrier House Wrap, which is installed between the exterior sheathing and the brick or siding.

There are basically two methods for installing radiant barrier in an exterior wall. The first thing you need to decide is what your primary goal is. Are you trying to keep the HEAT OUT in the summer? This is usually the case when a wall catches direct sun – especially in the afternoon. Or are you trying to keep the HEAT IN in the winter?

Wall assemblies are really no different than your attic – a wall is simply your roof deck turned 90 degrees on its side.

Installing Radiant Barrier in a Wall

If you decide to install radiant barrier foil in the walls, you're best off doing so via the cathedral ceiling method. Determine what your goal is with adding the radiant barrier: to keep heat inside the room or to prevent heat from entering the room, and then go with the appropriate install method.

    Wall Application AtticFoil Radiant Barrier smaller wall application - keeping heat out    
    Keeping the heat in a room

Keeping the heat out of a room


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