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Home builders are starting to use AtticFoil® instead of Tyvek® as a house wrap. With the advancement of new wall systems, there is no need for a traditional house wrap since the air and water barriers are now included in the exterior sheathing.  The product offers good vapor moisture permeability, good air infiltration protection, a secondary drainage plane, and a radiant barrier all for less than the cost of typical house wraps.

  • It is easier to work with than a single roll of Tyvek® and performs similarly, with the added benefit of blocking radiant heat! 
  • The perforated product allows moisture to escape and dry out through the perforations, while the product still acts like an air barrier and a drainage plane to stop liquid water from passing through.

Installing Radiant Barrier Behind Brick/Stone

housewrap brick exterior

To use AtticFoil® as a house wrap when you have  brick or stone exterior, you would install the radiant barrier closest to the outside sheathing, while still allowing for an air gap.

With brick or stone this air gap is usually a naturally occurring thing, so for the purpose of this explanation we will assume the air gap is naturally occurring.

Start at the bottom and staple the foil (foil facing you) on all exterior walls catching direct sunlight; finish with your second (or third) run as you work your way to the roof overhang.  Then, go back and use foil tape to close the seams; the tape helps seal up the application and make it air tight.  With the house wrap product, remember it is important to have the foil facing out (as in the photos) so the aluminum is open to the air gap, this is crucial for any radiant barrier since radiant heat does not exist outside of an air gap/space.

Finish by applying your exterior veneer (brick or stone in this case) and the project is complete.  Now you have full coverage, for maximum heat rejection on all walls exposed to radiant heat.  

For more information see the following pages on our site:

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House Wrap AtticFoil pics - Lake Willis TX install 310x233 1 House Wrap AtticFoil pics - Lake Willis TX install 310x233 3
House Wrap AtticFoil pics - Lake Willis TX install 310x233 2 House Wrap AtticFoil pics - Lake Willis TX install 310x233 4
House Wrap AtticFoil pics - Lake Willis TX install 310x233 6 House Wrap AtticFoil pics - Lake Willis TX install 310x233 5

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