Radiant Barrier Foil Insulation - Do It Yourself & Save!

AtticFoil® Blocks 97% of radiant heat and can be used in attics, garages, barns, sheds, airplane hangars,walls, cathedral ceilings, commercial warehouses, etc. We have the everyday lowest price on the highest quality perforated radiant barrier foil insulation available, and thousands of our customers agree.  

Choose from three width sizes: Standard 48" Wide AtticFoil®, Super Wide 60" Wide AtticFoil®, or our New 26" Wide AtticFoil® (specifically made for truss-type attics). 

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radiant_barrier_attProfessional Grade Radiant Barrier Foil

The best double-sided, perforated, aluminum radiant barrier foil insulation available; it blocks 97% of radiant heat.  You can purchase the same radiant barrier used by many professional installers.  This is a tear-proof, professional quality product.  We are a manufacturer of this product and the only one to offer a 60" wide roll, in addition to two other widths.   << Click here to see the pricing list.

radiant_barrier_attFederal Tax Credit Information

Do radiant barriers qualify? Yes, If you purchased and installed a radiant barriers bought from January 1, 2012 through December 31, 2013, your purchase qualifies.   Click here to find out more information about how to file, the maximum allowance, and other important details.
<< Click here to read the latest information about the tax credits.

radiant_barrier_attInstalling Radiant Barrier Foil

Yes, you can install Radiant Barrier yourself. Complete instructions for both tht Staple Up Method and the Over-Insulation Method.  Videos, tips and how-to guides also available. 

<< Click here to see the most common installations.

radiant_barrier_attCompetitor Products Compared to AtticFoil®

Crazy claims, crazy R-Values and other bad information. We give you the information here so you can compare products and determine for yourself which one offers you the best bang for the buck.  Just FYI, no product like bubble foil that is ¼" thick has an R-Value of 11 or more. Complete facts here:
<< Click here to see the comparisons.

slider - attic applicationsRadiant Barrier Foil Uses

Foil insulation should be part of an overall strategy to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient.  AtticFoil® is not just for use in attics! It can be used in garages, barns, sheds, warehouses, boats, porches, etc.  If you have an area that is catching direct sunlight, then you have an area that can benefit from adding a radiant barrier.  
<< Click here to see the many places you can use radiant barrier.

slider - customer diy install photosCustomer DIY Photos 

These are actual photos submitted by customers who have installed AtticFoil®.  The results are not always pretty, but radiant barrier does not have to be pretty to work. Just staple it up or lay it out, depending on your specific application.   
 << Click here to see the installation photos.

Radiant Barrier Foil Insulation

The best double-sided perforated aluminum radiant barrier foil insulation available; AtticFoil® blocks 97% of radiant heat. Radiant barrier AtticFoil® acts like shade: the more coverage the better. Your home will be more energy efficient and comfortable. Request a FREE sample today. 



you tube video archive

Installation photos from professional installers and DIY homeowners.

Photo Gallery of DIY Radiant Barrier Foil Installations

Installation instructions and tips from professional installers.

How to Install Radiant Barrier Foil in Your Attic. 

Over 1 MILLION views on our radiant barrier install videos and Q&A videos. 

Radiant Barrier Videos



What is the difference between AtticFoil® and Competitors?

Compare AtticFoil® to Bubble Foil, eShield and Foam/Foil Products.

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Which one is better: foil or paint?  Get the facts and see why paint is inferior.

Radiant barrier foil vs. radiant barrier paint

AtticFoil.com only sells heavyweight aluminum radiant barrier foil; this product DOES NOT TEAR.

Compare us to our competitors; don't be fooled by the name of the product. Look at the weight; many dealers sell a 14-15 pound product but we only sell the 28-29 pound per 1,000 square ft. product, and oftentimes for less than their midweight products. 

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